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Mail Room Services

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Labor-intensive tasks such as stamping, labeling, inserting and data entry are very time consuming activities.

Cpost International can help our clients save time and concentrate on their core business by doing all these postal preparation activities with the necessary scrutiny to ensure quality and an on time delivery of their mail.

Cpost International does the complete mail preparation process starting with data entry, followed by inserting, labeling and stamping. Delivery of the customers' mail is the next immediate step in the process.

Cost International is right at your doorstep to help you with your mail preparation.


Service Price (in ANG.)
Data entry 0,10 per line item
Inserting 0,15 per page for the first 2 pages
  0,05 per additional page in
Labeling 0,10 per label
Stamping 0,10 per envelope