Due to the current Covid restrictions, Cpost is not allowed to offer the option to pick up PuntoMio & Euromio packages at our branches. As a service to our clients during this period, Cpost is offering free delivery service of PuntoMio and EuroMio packages.

What to do if you want your parcel(s) to be delivered? Just fill out the form and apply for free delivery.

Important notes:

  • Standard Home Delivery customers will also receive this service for free
  • Delivery will be within 48 hours (during business hours) after the your application has been received.
  • No additional storage fees will be accumulated. However, storage fees accumulated before April 12th, 2021 are still applicable.
  • Only applicable for shipments with status ready for pick up!

This offer is valid as long as in-store pick-up is restricted and it does not apply to other services!

    Free Home Delivery Application Form

    Choose your payment option
    (payment must be verified on our accounts before we start the delivery process).

    If you chose bank transfer as your payment option, please upload proof of payment