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Letters & Documents


Expresspost is Cpost International NV Shipping and Delivery Service for your urgent documents and/or merchandises. Our service is Fast, Reliable and Secure, at affordable rates...Read More


The most traditional service to send a letter or document worldwide that does not weigh more than 2 kilos and does not require urgent delivery....Read More


lite post is a fast, economical and reliable next business day priority service for letters mailed to any address in Curaçao and Sint Maarten from the same island for next day delivery. It is an ideal delivery option for all documents, printed matter, invoices that need to reach their destination fast.....Read More


A Postcard is a card to send messages by mail without an envelope.....Read More


Aerogrammes are air letters designed to be a letter and an envelope in one. They are already stamped, marked for folding and already gummed...Read More

Registered Mail

Sending a letter as Registered Mail implies that the delivery of the mail item is guaranteed since it requires a signature by the addressee. However, CPost International does not deliver a registered mail item to a physical address. The addressee receives a notification that informs them that a registered item is ready to be picked up at one of our branches. The addressee will sign for the registered item when they pick it up...Read More

Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery is a document that confirms receipt of mail.Recipients must sign for receipt of the mail indicating the date when the mail item was delivered to them. A copy of the Proof of Delivery receipt is provided to the sender...Read More

Printed Matter

This service is especially for customers sending items that do not weigh more than 2 kilos for local destinations and no more than 5 kilos for international destinations. ..Read More

International Reply Coupon

International Reply Coupon is a coupon that may be exchanged in any country in the Universal Postal Union for the minimum postage payable on international unregistered airmail letters...Read More