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Philately Information

Philately (or stamp collecting) started with the first issue of postage stamps in 1840. On the 6th of May, the issue of the Penny Black marked the moment when stamp collecting was made possible. To create the word Philately they borrowed the word 'Phila' which means friend and 'Atelia', which means postage.

What is a Postage stamp?

Postage stamps were originally introduced to prepay postage (a proof of payment) and this remains their primary role. Over time, this simple function has become diverse. Stamps have another important function “A Collectors item”. This additional function is the direct result of the development of Philately as a worldwide hobby. A stamp is also a powerful marketing tool.

Netherlands Antilles first stamp issue

On May 23rd, 1873 the Colony of Curaçao introduced a series of 6 stamps with values varying from 2½ to 50 cents. This first series showed the portrait of King William III. Back then, the six islands that compromised the Caribbean islands colonies of Holland (Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius) were known under the name “Kolonie Curaçao” (Colony Curaçao).

The first stamps of the Netherlands Antilles, under this name, were a commemorative series issued in 1949 on July 26th.One of these stamps showed a portrait of Alonso de Ojeda, commemorating 450th anniversary of the discovery of Curaçao.

Commemorative and Definitive Stamps

Definitive Stamps are issued when postage rates change or new rates are introduced. Commemorative Stamps are issued to commemorate national and international events or to honor meritorious personalities.

Stamp collection

Stamp collections are available as Year Packs (or Annual Packs), which is a collection that contains all stamps and souvenir sheets, which were issued in a given year. They make excellent gifts which grow in value each year.

Philatelic "Helpers"
  • Beginners Kit: a 'philatelic toolset' for the beginner.
  • Albums: stamp albums and First-day-covers albums.
  • Philatelic tools: magnifiers, tongs, etc.
  • Catalogs: a reference book with illustrations to help you identify stamps and their listed value.
  • Packages of 100 Cancelled stamps: These are gummed and cancelled stamps from former years.
Other philatelic collectibles
  • First-Day-covers: They are envelopes bearing new stamps that are postmarked on the first day of issue.
  • Aerogrammes (air letters): They are designed to be a letter and an envelope all in one. They are specially stamped and already gummed. Simply write your message, glue it together and drop it in the mail. The convenience of a postcard with more space to write and ready to mail.
  • Presentation pack: a nice package with one series of a stamp issue and information about this particular issue.
And now...Your personalized stamp

Put your smile on our stamps. This is an unique and fun way to create your personalized stamp with your photo or family photo or your company logo. When you are celebrating a special moment or milestone you can customize your mail or invitations. And a Personalized Stamp is a real postage.