Welcome to Cpost Common Login

With Cpost’s Common Login Application you have the ability to manage the accounts you have with us. You can also sign up for new services or create a new account for the Common Login Application.  Currently, you can manage the following accounts:

  • PuntoMio

In order to create and manage your account, you need a valid E-mail address that is linked to one of the Cpost services.

System & Browser requirements

To use the Common Login Application a modern web browser is needed. This will make the application run smoother and faster. Currently, the Common Login Application has been tested to work brilliantly on the following browsers.

Make sure you’re always running the latest version of these browsers.

Getting Started

1.    Creating a New Account

All you need is an account to access the entire application of Cpost. Creating a new account for the Common Login Application is simple. Just follow the steps on how to create a new Cpost account.

Steps to create an account

STEP 1: Go to the main site of Cpost International and click on ‘Login My Accounts’

STEP 2: You can log in with your Google account. Just make sure that this Google Account uses the same e-mail address as the one you have registered with us. You will then receive notifications and invoices on the given e-mail address.

STEP 3: You can also click on the ‘Sign Up’ button directly from the application if you don’t have an account yet. Complete the sign-up process by entering all the required information with valid data.

2.    Managing your Account

Once you are logged in to the application, you can check your account information and also manage your account.
You can:

  1. Edit/Update your user information.
  2. Country based information. ( BES and SXM)
  3. Go To Main Page.
  4. Receive notifications.
  5. View tracking information.

1. Edit User information: You can change your e-mail address or update the information by selecting the User info to make changes.

2. Country Mapped: Based on the country mapped the user can check their country in the application.

3. Go to Main Page: When you click on the Cpost logo, you will be taken to the main page of the Cpost website.

4. Notification: Click on the bell to see your notifications.

5. Tracking Information: If you make use of our Puntomio service, Expresspost or IPS, you will be able to track your packages and get updated information on them.

3. Checking on your Service

Based on the services you make use of, you can check activities from the Common Login Application. The following services are available on the application:

  • Puntomio

            Puntomio Service

These are the different options from the Puntomio service that can be checked on the Common Login application:

1. Check Pending Invoice.

2. View your shipment.

3. Upload Invoice.

4. Checking Rates.

5. Package Tracking.

6. Managing Account Information.

7. Shipping Calculator.

Note: Make sure you have an active account in order to see activities and take action.

You can check whether you are active on a service by looking at the red active label shown at the top-left of each service. If you’re not active on the service nothing will be shown.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at: info@cpostint.com