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Online shopping globally is enabled by, which provides customers with virtual addresses in China and other countries around the world to shop domestically and then forward purchases to their home address in Curaçao. Curaçao customers initially have access to a China address, previously called China2You in Curaçao. The China2you portal still exists, but remains as an online shopping portal only to Cpost customers, and no longer associated with Chinese virtual address.

Cpost's partnership with helps you shop thousand of online stores in China (and coming soon Europe) that do not ship to Curaçao by providing you with your very own "virtual address" in China & Unique YPS ID to allow you to ship your favorite brands and purchases directly to your doorstep.  In addition, provides you with a Personal Shopper Concierge service as an additional offering to supplement your virtual address in China, shoud you desire it and want a Personal Shopper to purchase directly on your behalf.  



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