Have a chance to win something extra after your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping with PuntoMio or Euromio! As we’re grateful for your shipments throughout the year, we want to do something special for you this upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the days in between!

When shopping online in the US or Europe between the 26th and the 29th of November and shipping with PuntoMio or Euromio you will automatically participate in the raffle to win one of these 5 awesome prizes.


Ship with PuntoMio or Euromio to be part of the raffle!


Terms and conditions “Black Friday 2021 Campaign”

These terms and conditions refer to the Black Friday Campaign from November 26th till November 29th 2021 

Article 1 Definitions

CustomerEvery person in Curaçao or St. Maarten, with one or more PuntoMio/Euromio accounts who does a PuntoMio/Euromio transaction at Cpost International N.V. under their personal name.  Company accounts are excluded. PuntoMio Business and Euromio Business are excluded from this campaign
RaffleGame organized by Cpost International N.V. in which Customers who do an PuntoMio/Euromio transaction are eligible to win prizes.
Cpost InvoicePayment of PuntoMio/Euromio transactions rendered at Cpost International N.V
PurchaseProcess of buying an article at a supplier in the US or Europe making use of the Cpost PuntoMio/Euromio Service.
Purchase dateDate on which the Customer Purchased an article using the Cpost PuntoMio/Euromio Service.
ParticipantAll PuntoMio/Euromio users that purchase and ship during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021
Raffle Closing DateFor Curacao Raffle Closing date is December 19th 2021, 23:59 PM.
For St. Maarten Raffle Closing date is December 13th 2021, 23.59 PM.

Article 2 Entry requirements

2.1 Black Friday 2021 is open to all Customers except employees of Cpost International N.V. and MVG Sint Maarten.

2.2 In order to participate:
All Customers that purchased  between Black Friday till Cyber Monday and ship with PuntoMio/Euromio before the raffle closing date, will automatically participate in the raffle to win one of the 5 (Curacao) or 3 (Sint Maarten) awesome prizes by PuntoMio/Euromio.

2.3 The date of the Transaction/purchase must be between November 26th (Black Friday) and November 29th (Cyber Monday) 2021.

2.4 Validation

To participate in the Raffle Customers from Curacao are required to purchase between November 26th and November 29th 2021, upload the invoice and the shipment has to be included to our manifest, before the raffle closing date. If the Purchase did not take place between Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 it will be automatically disqualified.

Sint Maarten

To participate in the Raffle Customers from St.Maarten, your purchase is required to be added to our manifests between November 29th 2021, and the raffle closing dated the invoice and the shipment has to be included to our manifest, before the raffle date.

2.5 Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the disqualification of the entry.           Cpost International N.V.  Reserves the right to disqualify any entry at their absolute discretion.

Article 3 Liability

3.1 In the event of an error, however caused, whether a printing error or otherwise and whether obvious or otherwise, which affects the competition in any way, Cpost International N.V. reserves the right to administer the raffle as though the error had not occurred. Where the Cpost International N.V. deems it appropriate and/or feasible Cpost International N.V. will notify entrants of the error.

Article 4 Winners

4.1 The winners will be drawn randomly and announced on December 20th, 2021. Cpost International N.V. decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

4.3 The winners will be notified on the next working day after drawing, either by email or telephone.

4.4 The winner’s name will be announced on Cpost International’s website and Facebook page.

4.5 The winner is entitled to only one prize.

4.6 Also: In the event that the winners do not claim their prize within 15 days after the draw, the prize will be awarded to a new winner.

Article 5 Prizes


  • 65” inch TV
  • Banco Di Caribe Multi Card with a value of $500,-
  • Cpost will cover up to ANG 250,- on your next PuntoMio order
  • Shopping spree of up to ANG 250,- at Goisco
  • Gas voucher of ANG 150,-

Sint Maarten

  • 500 dollars
  • 250 dollars
  • 100 dollars

Article 6

Cpost International N.V. reserves the right to amend, withdraw or terminate the raffle or alter the raffle at any time without prior notice.

Article 7

This agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Curaçao. All disputes that may arise from this agreement will be submitted to The Court of Justice in first instance of Curaçao.