Happy Curaçao Autonomy Day

October 10, 2020

Take a moment on this day to reflect on the last 10 years that went by so fast.

Take note: We are CLOSED today!

American Presidents Stamp Series

October 8, 2020

The US election is near, but do you still remember some of the American Presidents from the last decade like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F Kennedy? The American Presidents stamps are here which includes the latest presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump!

There might be a lot of history, but the tangible memories will also last forever.

Order your American Presidents stamps now on our website, so you can be assured of these memorable stamps!To order now click here: https://buff.ly/312Gp8X

Amazon Prime Giftcard Giveaway

October 7, 2020

“ Have you ever thought of being part of the Amazon Prime Day shopping madness, but aren’t an Amazon Prime member yet? This may be your time to enjoy the great shopping deals on Amazon Prime Day by winning a free ONE year Amazon Prime Membership provided by Cpost!🛒🛍️🤩

Shop between October 6 – 10 on Amazon.com and ship your purchases with PuntoMio. You may be one of the lucky winners of the Amazon Prime Giftcard Giveaway on October 12th, 2020! Don’t miss out this opportunity😁

Terms and conditions

We’re proud to launch: Euromio!

August 7, 2020

NOW you can shop online at all your favorite European stores and ship your orders with Euromio. Easy, convenient, and at an affordable price!

To sign up for your Euromio EU shipping address click here

Win a 2020 VW GOL

July 14, 2020

For every PuntoMio, ExpressPost, Road Tax & MoneyGram transaction at the counter of our Otrabanda, Punda, Paseata and Groot Kwartier branches, you’ll receive a voucher to paticipate in our raffle

Please visit the page for more information by clicking here

Cpost releases the COVID-19 stamps series

June 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a major effect worldwide, and Curacao has felt it in many ways. Although difficult circumstances continue to arise, our people are still finding ways to pull together and continue striving for better days. Everybody needs to do his or her part because only by working together we can pull through. We at Cpost have also been doing our part as well, and as one of our actions, we will be releasing a new emission stamp called the ‘COVID-19 series’.

With this emission stamp series, Cpost International wants to make a contribution to the Voedselbank Curacao, and also make a recognition to all our doctors, nurses, policemen and frontline workers who play a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19. All proceeds will be donated to the Voedselbank Curacao, who will make sure to put it to good use.

To purchase these special edition COVID-19 stamps series click here

Post Covid-19 Destinations

June 11, 2020

We have made a seperate page, which will be updated regualarely, with updated destinations where mail currently can be sent to

Please visit the page by clicking here.

Father’s Day sweepstake contest!

June 10, 2020

Be part of our Father’s Day sweepstake contest!
Tell us a thoughtful gift you would give your Dad this Father’s Day, for a chance to win a staycation for 2 in Curaçao!🙌

Click here to participate

We’re closed on May 21st & May 22nd

May 20, 2020

We’re back

May 19, 2020

We’re very happy to be back to the new normal and as of May 25th, you can pick up your packages at the self-service kiosk during our extended opening hours. Yes, that’s correct! From Monday till Friday, our self-service kiosk (at Groot Kwartier branch) will be available till 18:30 for package pick-up, just like you’ve grown accustomed too. And till May 25th you won’t pay for any storage fees, if applicable!

We are open!

April 20, 2020

Dear clients, we would like to inform you that as of today Monday, April 20th, our branch at Punda is open for essential services. We ask that upon visiting the branch you please adhere to our COVID-19 regulations. Stay tuned for more information and updates.

Good Friday & Easter

April 7, 2020

📢 Attention! This is how we are of service to you during these challenging times

April 7, 2020

📣Important Note!

This note is continuously updated to reflect the latest developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the current situation of COVID-19 affecting our island, we are taking measures and precautions in line with the government’s directives to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease.

⏰ Our Groot Kwartier branch will be open from Monday to Thursday from 7.30 and 17.00 hrs. On Friday the branch is open from 7.30 and 16.30 hrs and on Saturday from 8.00 to 11.30 hrs. Our branches in Punda and Paseata are closed until further notice. We strongly urge our customers to only visit the branch (Groot Kwartier) if this is urgent and to follow the government’s guidelines of Shelter in Place and Social Distancing.

Here follows an overview of the adjusted services we currently offer:


· PuntoMio is still operational. We are still receiving packages from the US, despite the decreased frequency in flights from the US to Curaçao.

· Once available for pick up, you can pick up your packages at the Groot Kwartier branch using only the self-service kiosks during the hours mentioned above. Currently, we cannot accept cash. You can only pay with your ATM card.

· For us to be able to process your packages we strongly recommend you to upload the corresponding invoices via our website following the standard procedure. Due to the measures taken, it’s not possible to present your invoices in person.

PuntoMio Business

· PuntoMio business is also still operational. Once cleared in Curaçao, your packages will be delivered to you as usual.

· Should you have any queries regarding your shipments, feel free to reach out to your account manager per email.


· Our MoneyGram service is available at the Groot Kwartier branch for sending and receiving of money transfers.

· We highly urge you to only visit us should you have an urgent need to send or receive a transfer.

Postal Services

· Local mail is still being delivered. However, this happens with a revised schedule so it might take a bit more before your mail is delivered to you.

· Our account customers that normally deliver their mail at our dock (at the back of the post office building) can continue to do so with a Service Order. Only Regular local mail can be accepted for delivery at this time.

· If you need to send a letter, please make use of our letterboxes that are placed around the island. Consult this page for the location of our letterboxes

· As a consequence of the measures taken globally, our partners have also adjusted their service delivery. Because of this, we can currently only receive letters from the Netherlands. All other destinations are currently on hold in terms of sending and receiving of regular mail.

· You need stamps? You can buy the most commonly used stamps on-line. Stamps are sold by the sheet (50 stamps). During the lockdown period we will deliver these stamps free of delivery charge at your home or office.

· ExpressPost services are available for our on-account-customers only.

Our Customer Service Department will be open, with reduced staff, to handle all your requests and questions via our email: customerservice@cpostint.com

All of our other services are on hold until further notice. Please know that we are doing all that we can to be of service to you during this challenging time. The most important thing right now is to take care of ourselves, our family and our surroundings.

Disruptions and delays in international deliveries

March 25, 2020

PuntoMio and PuntoMio Business Update

March 24, 2020

Letterbox Locations

March 19, 2020

Adjusted Service Hours Self Service Kiosk

March 19, 2020

Our Paseata branch will be closed as per Friday 20, 2020 until further notice

March 19, 2020

Help us prevent the spread of COVID-19 Protect Yourself and all around you!

March 16, 2020

Have you heard?

In commemoration of the 50th edition of the Carnival of Curaçao, Cpost International is emitting a series of 6 stamps. We all know that Carnival takes full possession of the whole community of Curaçao. This party is without a doubt a unique experience that we would like to share with the rest of the world.

Make the “50th edition of Curaçao Carnival” stamps part of your collection by visiting our webshop.

If you want to know more about your stamps, download our Cpost Stamp App to scan your stamps and get more information about them.

The 50th edition of Curaçao Carnival stamps are also available at our branches.

No Mail to China

As of February 17th, 2020 Cpost International N.V. is unable to send letter-post or parcel items destined for China

Cpost International N.V. now official KLM/Airfrance Cargo partner.

During a short ceremony, this new partnership was announced in presence of various stakeholders and merchants of the Freezone.

This new alliance fortifies our commitment to Curinde N.V. to offer its clients the best and most affordable logistic solutions for transporting their goods. This service will also be available to clients purchasing via http://www.ezshopcuracao.com/: Mr. Roggendorf CEO of Cpost International states.

For years, Cpost has been offering Cargo solutions thru its branch, which is strategically located in the Freezone. Because of this partnership, Cpost now has access to the complete network of KLM/AIRFRANCE, meaning they can send cargo in a fast and affordable way to all corners of the planet.

Cpost International Reintroduces MoneyGram

Money Transfer services back at Cpost, by popular demand.

“I stand here with great pride and joy to announce that our organization has been approved to offer money transfer services to our clients…,” says Thomas Roggendorf, CEO at Cpost international during his speech at the inauguration ceremony on Tuesday. “Money Transfers is a highly regulated business and we are very proud of our teams that worked for months in order for us to receive our certification…,” Mr. Roggendorf added.

MoneyGram is a global leader in omni channel money transfer and payment services that enables friends and family to safely, affordably, and conveniently send money for life’s daily needs in over 200 countries and territories.

The innovative MoneyGram platform leverages its leading digital and physical network, global financial settlement engine, cloud-based infrastructure with integrated APIs, and its unparalleled compliance program that leads the industry in protecting consumers.

“We offer these services from Monday to Friday at our Grootkwartier, Punda and Paseata branch. On Saturdays between 8AM and 12PM, you will be able to do your money transfers only at our Groot kwartier branch. No more standing in the sun or in crowed areas when needing to send money ” Mr. Nisbeth, Commercial manager at Cpost International mentioned.

Cpost International listens to its customers.

After a few weeks of testing, Cpost International N.V. launches its latest innovation, a self-service kiosk at the Groot Kwartier Branch.

“We listened to our customers and it became clear that we had to find a way to drastically reduce the waiting time our PuntoMio shippers experienced when picking up their packages. Automation was our only solution…,” says Thomas Roggendorf, CEO at Cpost International N.V. during his speech at the inauguration ceremony last Tuesday. “This self-service kiosk will have you finished with your transaction in under 3 minutes…,” Mr. Roggendorf added.

Since the introduction of these self-service kiosks three weeks ago, Cpost International N.V. reported to have processed more than 2000 transactions. PuntoMio shippers do not have to wait in line anymore when coming to pick up their shipments.

“We have received so many positive reactions from our clients that we have decided to extend our opening hours, especially and only for our PuntoMio shippers whom would like to pick up their shipments after work. From Monday to Friday, our branch in Groot Kwartier will stay open, only for PuntoMio shipment pickups until 18:30. And of course, you are always welcome on Saturday from 8:00 am till 11:30 am……” Mr. Nisbeth, Commercial Manager at Cpost International N.V. mentioned.