What’s the trickiest part of sending direct mail to potential and active customers to which you want a reply? Waiting to see if they do. If you regularly send direct mailings, you certainly want to maximize the chance of achieving engagement. And of course, you want to keep your expenses in check. One thing is for sure: convenience is crucial. Get a Business Reply Mail account and start providing customers with a way to reply to your direct mailings without paying postage.

When you choose to use this service, you agree to pay all postage fees for the mail that you are sending as well as the customer’s reply mail. This is a fantastic, cost-effective way to facilitate response from the mail recipient.

Business Reply Mail is a perfect Direct Marketing Tool to:

  • Increase response from customers
  • Collect data to build an accurate list of customers
  • Encourage customers to complete and return questionnaires
  • Encourage customers to renew subscriptions of publications
  • Allow customers to submit orders for products or request information
  • Reduce administrative costs and shorten waiting lines by triggering customers to pay their bills by mail