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Business Reply Mail

business reply

Business Reply Mail is Cpost International cost effective service for businesses to encourage responses from their (potential) clients.

Customers having a Business Reply Account, can provide to their (potential) customers the possibility to reply to their direct mailings without paying postage. The fact that all postage (for sending the mail & returning the mail) is being paid by the business customer that does the mailing, Business Reply is an excellent way to trigger a response from the recipients of the mail.


Business Reply Mail is a perfect Direct Marketing Tool to:

  • Increase response from customers
  • Collect data to build an accurate list of customers
  • Encourage customers to complete and return questionnaires
  • Encourage customers to renew subscriptions of publications
  • Allow customers to submit orders for products or request information
  • Reduce administrative costs and shorten waiting lines by trigging customers to pay their bills by mail
Sending of mail regular postage fee
Returned mail regular postage fee plus 10% administration charges