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Addressed Direct Mail is an effective direct marketing medium that offers customers the ability to personalize their mailing and target their promotional messages to specific customers and prospects.

Addressed Direct Mail is the right communications medium to use:

  • when you want to build your business
  • when you want greater precision in targeting
  • when you want to develop and maintain profitable relationships with customers
  • when you want measurable results

Addressed Direct Mail can either be a catalogue, a magazine, a folder or a letter.


Rates per piece
Weight Rates per piece
up to 20 grams ANG. 0,59
21 to 50 grams ANG. 0,85
51 to 100 grams ANG. 1,29
101 to 250 grams ANG. 1,55
251 to 500 grams ANG. 1,82
501 to 1000 grams ANG. 2,31
1001 to 2000 grams ANG. 2,69

As an incentive for clients that use our Addressed Direct Mail Service, a new rate structure was introduced. It is as follows:

Rates based on volume minimums

Weight up to 25 grams:

Volume brackets Island Rates (in ANG.)
400 pieces Curaçao 0,50
200 pieces Bonaire 0,50
100 pieces Sint Eustatius & Saba 0,50
3001 pieces   0,45

Weight 26 to 50 grams:

Volume brackets Island Rates (in ANG.)
400 pieces Curaçao 0,70
200 pieces Bonaire 0,70
100 pieces Sint Eustatius & Saba 0,70
3001 pieces   0,65