Motor vehicle tax on Curacao for 2024

The road tax for Curacao 2024 can be paid again from January 13. You can pay the motor vehicle tax for 6 months or for a whole year. The second half must then be paid on 30 June. After receiving payment you will receive a check sticker that you put on your car, so that the police always know immediately whether you have paid it. You will receive an orange / dark yellow sticker for the payment of the first half year. And with payment for the entire year 2024 you will receive a light Orange / blue sticker.

Which documents do I bring?

  1. A valid inspection card
  2. A valid insurance certificate
  3. A receipt of the motor vehicle tax for the previous year (2023)

Where can you pay the road tax?

• Cpost International in Groot Kwartier
• Cpost International in Punda
• Cpost International in Otrobanda
• Cpost International in Santa Rosa

All from 7.30 am to 5 pm non-stop. On Fridays until 4.30 p.m. On Saturday 8:00 am to 11:30 non stop in the months of january and february

Curacao motor vehicle tax rates

The rates for your road tax on Curacao depend on the fuel of your car and how old the car is.
• Petrol-driven car up to built year 2013 is NAF 271 for a year
• Petrol-powered car from year 2014 is NAF 394 for a year
• Diesel-powered cars regardless of age are NAF 1,152 for a year

Pay attention; you can only pay tax for 2024 if you have also paid the tax up to December 2023.