Motor vehicle tax on Curacao for 2020

The road tax for Curacao 2020 can be paid again from January 14. You can pay the motor vehicle tax for 6 months or for a whole year. The second half must then be paid on 30 June. After receiving payment you will receive a check sticker that you put on your car, so that the police always know immediately whether you have paid it. You will receive an orange / dark yellow sticker for the payment of the first half year. And with payment for the entire year 2020 you will receive a light yellow / blue sticker.

Which documents do I bring?

  1. A valid inspection card
  2. A valid insurance certificate
  3. A receipt of the motor vehicle tax for the previous year (2019)

Where can you pay the road tax?

• C Post International in Groot Kwartier
• C Post International in Punda
• C Post International in Santa Rosa

All from 7.30 am to 5 pm non-stop. On Fridays until 4.30 p.m.

Curacao motor vehicle tax rates

The rates for your road tax on Curacao depend on the fuel of your car and how old the car is.
• Petrol-driven car up to built year 2011 is NAF 271 for a year
• Petrol-powered car from year 2012 is NAF 394 for a year
• Diesel-powered cars regardless of age are NAF 1,152 for a year

Pay attention; you can only pay tax for 2020 if you have also paid the tax up to December 2019.