Parcels will be delivered to your home or office 1 to 2 times a week. In some cases parcels will be delivered in a community mailbox. You will find more information on community mailboxes on this page.


Country of origin
Local and international

Physical characteristics

Maximum dimensions

Packages: has to fit in your mailbox. If it doesn’t fit in your mailbox you will receive a notice to pickup your mail at the post office.

Delivery standards

Local: approx. between 1 – 5 business days
International: according to operational standards of the postal administrations in the country of origin

Cpost Community Mailbox

The compartment in your CBox is large enough to hold a small parcel. You will receive a note in your CBox in case the parcel is bigger than the compartment. You can retrieve your parcel during regular office hours at the Cpost office.

Your CBox:
A. Is seated on sturdy base fastened to a concrete base;
B. Is of a high-grade strong material;
C. Has heavy-duty locks;
D. Is designed for superior security and safety;
E. Is accessible 24/7

The Community Mailboxes locations are determined through careful planning. Safety, accessibility, enough lighting at night are some of the factors taken into consideration when choosing sites for the Community Mailboxes.

Each compartment has a unique key, meaning that only you can open your CBox.

How to use the CBox:

  1. Look for the CBox with the number pertaining to your
  2. Open the compartment with your key and collect your
  3. Close and lock the compartment with your key.

Cpost will deposit mail in your Community Mailbox once a day from Monday till Friday.