Make shopping online in the USA easier and more convenient with your own USA shipping address by PuntoMio. Sign up for your USA shipping address in just three easy steps, enter this address at checkout on the online store, complete your purchase, and have your purchases shipped to your USA shipping address for further processing.

Count on Reliable and Fast Delivery

Once your package arrives at your USA shipping address, it gets inspected and prepared for shipping. Your item is then flown to your country, cleared through customs, and delivered to your door within 3-5 business days.

Shop Tax-Free

Conveniently save 7% on US sales tax by using Punto Mio as your international shipping provider. As a PuntoMio user, you directly benefit from the exemption granted to CPost International as one of only a few companies.

*Tip: Always check the merchant’s return policy before completing your order.

Home delivery

If you want your merchandise delivered to your home, please go to your account, request the service as needed and we will take care of the rest!

Please read our updated General Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT: Take time to go through the list of Dangerous Goods before ordering packages.

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(+5999) 433-1342


PuntoMio Rates
Calculate costs for your PuntoMio services provided by Cpost International.Weight is in lbs and contains the complete weight of your shipment. All prices are target prices and subject to change, they also don't reflect any import duties and taxes.
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