Are you familiar with Aerogrammes? Those budget-friendly airmail letters, designed to be a letter and an envelope in one, already stamped, marked for folding, and gummed for easy sealing. Write on a single sheet of lightweight paper that folds and is sealed to form an envelope and send it to your favorite correspondence partner.


Local and International

Physical characteristics

Maximum dimensions
11 x 22 cm with a tolerance of 2 mm
Minimum dimensions
9 x 14 cm with a tolerance of 2 mm

The length should be at least equal to the width multiplied by 1.4

Delivery standards

Local: approx. within 48 hours
Between the Islands: approx. within 72 hours
International: according to operational standards of the postal administrations of the country of destination

* Delivery standards are subject to reasons of ‘force majeur’ such as but not limited to strike, bad weather condition, refusal by client.


Aerogrammes: ANG 1.62