35 Years Dia di Bandera



This postage stamp is a special stamp celebrating the 35 years anniversary of the national flag of Curacao, with a value of 1000 cents. The stamp is 6x4cm in size. On this souvenir block you see sky, vintage maps of locations of the island Curacao and the Caribbean sea. In the sky in the middle where the stamp is perforated you see the flag of Curacao. The design has the explanation of the designer Martin den Dulk of the flag woven into it: The 5 point star, symbolizing the larger island Curacao, points to the 5 continents of where the people of Curacao all come from. These 5 continents are made in the shapes of clouds in the sky: The Americas (North and South America), Europe, Africa and Asia.

The design as how Martin den Dulk submitted his design is as centralized behind the flag in gold foil just like the letters CURACAO.

The flag has a yellow stripe symbolizing the sun and the warmth and joy of the people, the sun breaks through at the yellow stripe of the flag.

The flag has a shadow in the form of the island of Curacao. Curacao is in blue of the sky, but that blue is dobble: it’s sky but it also symbolises the sea around the islands (Curacao and little Curacao).

Finally the pole of the flag is at Brionplein, Otrobanda where the official celebration of the Flag takes place on July 2nd each year. This map has 3 parts where the Day of the Flag is celebrated: in Otrobanda on the Brion square, in Bandabou, Barber at the special Flag day square there and in Bandariba, the upper side of the island. It varies where each year, so the entire part of the map is placed.  On these three map pieces you read the text of the national anthem, with a beautiful part about the flag in it.

And underneath, just as the lower blue part of the flag is written: Caribbean Sea.