Designer: Studio Excello, Martine den Boer
Date of Issue: November 7th, 2023
Metal: 24 karat gold (999 Au)
Quality: PMMA gold stamp
Face Value of Stamps:  ANG 90,-
Size of Stamps:  30 x 40 mm
Printing: Offset
Printer: Stapps International


Cpost International is proud to present the Amalia 24-karat gold stamp. In January 2023, Princess Amalia had her first official visit to the
Caribbean as the crown princess, intended to get acquainted with the region. Furthermore, on December 7, Princess Amalia will celebrate
her 20th birthday.

This tribute not only celebrates Princess Amalia’s milestone visit but also honors her role as the designated heir to the throne since her
father’s ascension to king on April 30, 2013. Embracing her titular distinction as Princess of Orange alongside her other titles, this stamp
marks a historic moment in the lineage of the Dutch royal family.

The design of this exquisite stamp is deeply rooted in personal significance. Based on a photograph captured by Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk
during Princess Beatrix’s 85th birthday celebration in 2023, the stamp prominently features Princess Amalia alongside King
Willem-Alexander and Princess Beatrix.

Crafted meticulously, the stamp design elegantly integrates foundational elements such as the frame bearing the name ‘Curaçao’ and the
denomination ‘1’ in a refined and smaller font. Princess Amalia’s portrait, strategically positioned at the center, aligns with the bottom edge,
contrasted with the denomination ‘1’. The stamp, featuring a light, round font for the name ‘Amalia’ in bold capital letters, creates a striking
contrast against the darker attire in the image. The Amalia stamp is designed by Martine den Boer from Studio Excello.