Commemoration 50th edition of Curaçao Carnival – 6 Stamps


  • Date of Issue: February 20th, 2020
  • Designer: Mirjam Griffioen
  • Face Value of Stamps: 70c, Cat.1, Cat. 2, 331c, 474c, 739c
  • Size of Stamps: 25 x 35 mm
  • Perforation: 14 x 131/4
  • Stamp paper: Synthetic
  • Printing: Offset
  • Color: CMYK – UV Lacquer
  • Printer: Johan Enschede Security Print, Haarlem, The Netherlands


In commemoration of the 50th edition of the Carnival of Curaçao, Cpost international is emitting a series of 6 stamps.

Carnival became the biggest and most important national cultural expression of Curaçao, that features people from different nationalities. It is a period of music, color and pleasure.

Carnival takes full possession of the whole community of Curaçao, through competitions “Tumbafestival”, pageants, private and public parties and street parades during the first weeks of the year climaxing on the weekend and Tuesday preceding the Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent).

This party is without a doubt a unique experience that Curaçao would like to share with the rest of the world.