Curasub: Fish – Souvenir Sheet


  • Issue Date: 30.10.2014
  • Designer: Richmond Gijsbertha
  • Size: 36 mm x 26.1 mm
  • Values: 10 x 177c


About Curasub: Fish
BLADEFIN BASS (Jeboehlkia Gladifer) Off Curacao, it is observed at depths of 175-300m (580-1,000ft) and is usually hidden in rocks, crevices and rubble.

YELLOWBARBASSLET (Lipogramma Robinsi) The Yellowbar Basslet is a western central Atlantic deep-reef fish species that reaches a maximum size of about 7 cms (2.5″).

SPANISH FLAG (Gonioplectrus Hispanus) The Spanish Flag is a small and colorful grouper found in tropical and subtropical waters throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and along the Brazilian coast.

SPOTTAIL GOLDEN BASS (Liopropoma Santi) The Spottail Golden Bass is found at depths of 182-241m (600-790 ft), making it the deepest western Atlantic Liopropoma species.

ROUGH-TONGUE BASS (Anthias Asperilinguis) Scientists are currently comparing DNA and physical features of A. asperilinguis collected from Curaçao and Brazil to determine if the Curaçao fish represents a new species.

DRAGONETTE FOETOREPUS (new species) Closely related to the popular aquarium fish, the mandarinfish, this Dragonette represents one of several new species of deepwater Dragonettes off Curaçao.

SABER GOBY (Antilligobius Nikkiae) This beautiful and delicate goby reaches no more than 3 cm (1.2″) in length.The species was first discovered on deep reefs off Curaçao and is known to occur in the Bahamas, Cuba, Belize, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

LONGFIN SCORPION FISH (Scorpaena Agassizii) The Longfin Scorpionfish is a western Atlantic species found throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and northern South America.

DEEP SEATOAD (Chaumax Pictus) This Deep Sea Toad is also known as the Pink Frogmouth and Painted Anglerfish. Its body is rose colored with golden spots, and it can reach a length of up to 40 cm (15.7″).

BANDED BASSLET (Lipogramma Evides) The Banded Basslet is a small fish that gets no larger than 4 cm. (1.5 inches) in length. This elegant fish is white with three broad black bars crossing the head and body.