Cpost Philately Starter Package (also very nice for children)


  • Start Collecting Stamps Now!
  • Discount Starter Package
  • Very Nice for Children
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Collecting stamps is one of the most popular hobbies anywhere in the world. Once you are busy with it you will see that it becomes more fun and exciting when you have more stamps.

But before you start you have to think carefully. Collecting stamps just like that is of no use. It only becomes fun if you choose one or more topics that you like. For example: stamps about football, or horses, trains, dogs, cats, birds of prey, cartoon characters, churches, fish, sailboats, fairy-tale characters; there are too many topics to list.

Of course you can also choose a country. For example your own country or the country where many of your family live. Or the country where you would like to go on holiday.

You can now order the Cpost Starter Package and you have started collecting!

And then continue hunting for stamps:

  • Ask everyone you know if they want to save stamps for you.
  • Place an advertisement in the school newspaper.
  • Place an advertisement card in the supermarket.
  • Pay close attention to the new issues from Cpost and order them very easily online.