Friendship – Set


  • Issue Date: 14.02.2014
  • Designer: Randy Maurera
  • Size: 25 mm x 36 mm
  • Values: 65c, 1190, 177c, 183c, 305c 434c


About Friendship
Friends fill your life with joy, your soul with sunshine and your heart with love. So thank you for being my friend.

65c: “Loving you is a piece of cake’ meaning Loving someone like you is very easy to do

119C: “Your Friendship is like a rose, ever so beautiful’ meaning that our Friendship is ever so beautiful, just like a rose is.

177c: ‘Chocolate is good, but your Friendship is better’ meaning that even if you love chocolate so much, our Friendship is so much better

183c: ‘A Big Bear Hugfor You my Dear Friend’ meaning that I’m sending you a big cuddly hug.

305c: ‘Gems may be precious but Friends are priceless’ meaning that there is nothing more valuable then true good friends.

434c: ‘A Sweet Friendship refreshes the soul’ meaning that Having nice friends makes You feeling so good.