Souvenir Stamp Sheet Trains of South America


  • Stamp Colombia: Freight train in Aracataca, Colombia.
  • Stamp Ecuador: In the village of Alausi. Typical houses as well as the famous old wooden train on the railway station.
  • Stamp Argentina: Cargo train crossing Argentinian Patagonia.
  • Stamp Bolivia: Charge Train in Avaroa, Bolivia, South America.
  • Stamp Brazil: Green freight train passing by old railway station in a city in the interior of
  • the State of São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Stamp Peru: Train on a railroad track with a mountain range in the background, Puno, Peru.


We divided the souvenir sheet into 8 areas, 6 of which are used for a stamp of 30 x 30 mm. This partition is not standard. At the bottom left corner are 3 stamps and at the top right corner again 3. This creates space in the middle to show off the South American landscape as well as the railroad track. This railroad track is the center of the souvenir sheet to which all trains from all countries run to. This central image connects the stamps together.

The photo of the railroad track in the South American wide landscape has been made black and white at the bottom and in color at the top. This gives the stamp sheet an industrial character and in the stamps this color variant of the background photo can be used. This gives the complete souvenir sheet a transparent effect and adds depth to it.

Wehave also used the division between black-white and color photos in the stamps to get a complete design. The choice of the font we have used suits its powerful, robust character.In the top stamps, the text has a different color partition compared to the bottom stamps, creating a nice balance in color and black and white.