Stamps dedicated to 10/10/10 – Set


  • Date of Issue: October 10 th, 2015
  • Designer: Ellen Spijkstra
  • Face value of Stamps: 119c, 177c, 305c, 305c
  • Special Features: QR codes
  • Size of Stamps: 31,5 mm x 31,5 mm
  • Paper: Gummed stamp-paper
  • Perforation: 131/4 x 131/4
  • Printing: Offset
  • Color: CMYK
  • Printer: Johan Enschede Security Print, Haarlem, The Netherlands


Whit this series Cpost International wants to commemorate the first lustrum of the autonomous country Curaçao, and also raise historical awareness.

In cooperation with the Nationaal Archief, four of the most important events in the constitutional history of Curaçao were chosen. A politician was linked to each of those events. This stamp contains QR codes, when scanned they will bring you to a page with information about each of these events.

119c stamp 1948 Universal Suffrage – Mrs. Adèle Rigaud
The first step towards decolonization started with the introduction of the universal suffrage, it was a prelude to the introduction of a representative Government. Adèle Rigaud, member of the Catholic Party, was the first women to become member of the Board of a Political Party.

177c stamp 1951 Decentralized Federation – Dr. Frumencio da Costa Gomez
In 1941 and 1942, the Dutch Crown, in two famous radio broadcasts, promised increased autonomy, a new partnership within the Kingdom, which would consist of selfgoverning territories. Dr. Frumencio da Costa Gomez, also called “doktoor”was appointed on March 21st, 1942, by Royal Decree as Antillean representative in the Extraordinary Advisory Board aimed at restructuring the Kingdom.
He was one of the most prominent defenders of the Islands Autonomy.

305c stamp 1954 Autonomy Charter – Dr.Efrain Jonckheer
The official promulgation of The Kingdom Charter, “Het Statuut” took place on December 15th, 1954 by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.
Dr. Efrain Jonckheer was the founder of the Democratic Party and was the one, who put his sign on the New Charter on behalf of the Netherlands Antilles.

305c stamp 2010 Curaçao as Nation – Mrs. Emily de Jongh-Elhage
The right to self-determination for every single Island of the Netherlands Antilles, was recognized in the negotiation process for the “Status Aparte” In the referendum in 2000, the mayority choose to leave the Antillean constitution of five. Mrs Emily de Jognh-Elhage was the last Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles from March 26th 2006, until the dissolution of the Antillean Constitution on 10-10’10.