125th Anniversary of the death of Vincent van Gogh – Set


  • Date of issue: July 29th, 2015
  • Value of stamps: 119c, 177c, 183c, 285c, 305c, 434c
  • Size of stamps: 36mm x 35 mm
  • Size of Souveniersheet: 210 mm x 205 mm
  • Stamp perforation: 131/4 x 14
  • Gumming: Synthetic
  • Designer: Philip Rademaker
  • Printer: Johan Enschede Stamps, Security Printing, Haarlem , The Netherlands


On july 29th,2015, it will be exactly 125 years since Vincent van Gogh died.

Vincent Willem van Gogh was a major post-impressionist painter.

He was a dutch artist whose work had a far-reaching influence on the 20th century art.

His output includes portraits, self portraits, landscapes, and still life of cypresses, wheat field and sunflowers.

To commemorate this special occasion Cpost International is emitting a stamp series consisting of six stamps. These designs were executed in such a way that it would look like van Gogh was present at the site.

“what would it be if we had no courage to attempt anything”
Vincent van Gogh