Underwater Stamps 2022


  • Designer: Randy Maurera
  • Date of Issue: May 19th, 2022
  • Photography: Barbara Blom
  • Stamp paper: True White
  • Face Value of Stamps: Cat.1, Cat.2, 72c, 346c, 496c, 774c
  • Size of Stamps: 25 mm x 36 mm
  • Perforation: 14 x 131/4
  • Printing: Offset
  • Color: CMYK
  • Printer: Cartor Security Printing , La Loupe France


Born in Curaçao where she still lives, Barbara Blom has always had a deep passion for the ocean. She had her first scuba experience at the
age of 16 in St. Maarten where she lived at the time. Her passion for photography also started at a young age. When she was 9 she got her
first compact camera. Now at 56, Barbara can mostly be found underwater and scuba diving at various locations, especially in Curaçao. Her
love for her island and the underwater world translates into beautiful images that she shares on her Instagram. Divers from all over the
world are huge fans of Barbara’s underwater photos, given the large number of enthusiastic comments on her social media. This has made
Barbara a true ambassador for Curacao’s underwater life and has made many divers curious about all the beauty the Caribbean has to offer.
By sharing her photos, Barbara hopes to raise awareness about the impact of our actions or lack of actions on the ocean. “Underwater
photography is a beautiful way to communicate, the images speak an universal language where often no words are needed. If you show
people how beautiful it is below the surface then there is a chance they will also take better care of it