Writers of Curacao – Set


  • Date of Issue: September 22nd, 2017
  • Designer: Ariadne Faries
  • Face value of Stamps: 66c, 121c, 179c, 308c, 440c, 684c
  • Size of Stamps: 36 mm x 36 mm
  • Perforation: 13 ¾x 13 ¾
  • Stamp paper: Synthetic
  • Color: CMYK
  • Printer: Johan Enschede Security Print, Haarlem, The Netherlands


Cpost International is proud to anounce the emission of the Stamp Series Curaçao Writers.
With this series Cpost International wants to honor 6 extraordinary Writers born in Curaçao. They are Elis Juliana, Boeli van Leeuwen, May Henriquez, Tip Marugg, Luis Daal and Frank Martinus Arion.

In this serie the portraits of the writers are designed with typography. The typography symbolizes the written work of the writers. It also reflects something personal of each writer.
It’s a fragment of their work, a description of their work, a piece of bibliography or just their names.

66c stamp: Elis Juliana 1927 – 2013
This stamp has a combination of typography of the name Elis Juliana with fragments of one of his famous poems Kanta Kweru. Elis Juliana was an autodidact, a poet, reciter, writer for adults and children, historian, anthropologist, archeologist, sculptor, painter, ethno musicologist, philosopher and folklore expert.

121c stamp: Boeli van Leeuwen 1922-2007
On this stamp the portrait of the writer is consisted of a combination of typography of the writer’s full name and a fragment of one of his short stories. The title of the story is: De homo piskeira of the book Geniale anarchie.
Boeli van Leeuwen was a writer and poet.

179c stamp: May Henriquez 1915 -1999
On this stamp the portrait is combined with typography of her name and her bibliography in Papiamentu.
May Henriquez was a sculptor, painter, writer and translator. She used to stimulate artistic talents and she is a pioneer in the development of the language Papiamentu.

308c stamp: Tip Marugg 1923 -2006.
The portrait of this writer consists of a combination of the typography of his full name and also a fragment of one of his books written in Dutch in his own handwriting. Tip Marugg was a writer and poet. He wrote in Dutch but also wrote many poems in Papiamentu. He also wrote a dictionary of all words with an erotic meaning used in Papiamentu.

440c stamp: Luis Daal 1919- 1997.
This stamp is composed of the portrait of the writer combined with the typography of his full name. In the background is a fragment of his bibliography written in Papiamentu.
Luis Daal was a journalist, writer, poet and linguist. He fought tirelessly for his native language Papiamentu. He also made many translations in Papiamentu. He wrote lots of articles about sports and cultural activities.

684c stamp: Frank Martinus Arion 1936 -2015.
On this stamp the portrait of the writer consists of a typographical design with a fragment of one his poems in Dutch. The poem has the title Island. The poem reflects how Curaçao writers struggles with their languages Dutch and Papiamentu. Frank Martinus Arion was a poet, novelist and language advocate