40th Anniversary of Flag Day


Designer: Alron Graphics
Date of Issue: July 2nd, 2024
Stamp paper: True White
Face Value of Stamps: Cat. 1, Cat. 2, 77c, 327c, 534c, 834c
Size of Stamps:  30 x 40 mm
Printing: Offset
Printer: Bpost Stamps Printing, Mechelen, Belgium


The basis for the six stamps celebrating the 40th anniversary of Flag Day was that each value would feature the same flag depicted. For dynamic effect, a waving flag was chosen, ensuring all elements of the flag are clearly visible. For the typography, a white font was selected to avoid competing with the flag. Next to the flag, the text “Mi pais mi orguyo,” which is also included in the national emblem of Curaçao, is displayed. The text literally and figuratively underscores the pride in the island and the flag.

The flag of Curaçao holds a significant place in the island’s history. Designed by Martin den Dulk, it was officially approved in 1979. The design process was comprehensive, with numerous submissions and careful consideration of various designs that best represented the island’s cultural and historical identity. In total, there were 2,000 designs submitted. The chosen flag features two horizontal bands of blue, separated by a thin yellow stripe, with two white stars in the upper hoist-side corner. The blue symbolizes the sea and sky, the yellow represents the bright sunshine, and the two stars signify Curaçao and the smaller island of Klein Curaçao.

The final decision on the flag was made by a committee of local figures and authorities, including Mr. Miguel Pourier, Mrs. Lucille Berry-Haseth, Mr. Pedro Velásquez, Mr. Stanley Brown, and Mr. Stanley Lamp. This committee sought a design that encapsulated the essence and pride of Curaçao’s people and heritage. The flag’s approval was a significant milestone for Curaçao, reflecting the island’s journey towards greater self-identity and autonomy within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In addition to the stamps, a special version was also released in a limited edition of only 40 copies. This special stamp is included in a gift box and plays the national anthem when a smartphone with NFC is held near the stamp.