Julianabrug Stamp


Designer: Stapps International
Date of Issue: April 30th, 2024
Stamp paper: True White
Face Value of Stamps: ANG 25,75
Size of Sheetlet: 144 x 88 mm
Size of Stamps:  64 x 48 mm
Printing: Offset
Printer: Bpost Stamps Printing, Mechelen, Belgium


The Juliana Bridge was officially opened 50 years ago, on April 30, 1974. Cpost is celebrating this golden anniversary with a special souvenir sheet featuring the largest postage stamp that the Curaçao postal service has ever issued.

The design features an illustration of the Juliana Bridge. Illustrations allow for the depiction of only the essence. The choice was made to only include the Juliana Bridge with its abutments and the water in the design. Except for a single house and shed, all other details have been omitted. The bridge is depicted frontally to emphasize the size of its span – the Julianaburg is the longest and highest bridge in Curaçao. The scale and height of the construction are also evident from the three-masted ship moored in front of the bridge. The horizontal design of the water enhances the length of the bridge.

The basic color palette of the postage stamp consists of just two shades: blue and yellow, referencing the colors of the bridge. White and gold are the accent colors. Gold, due to the golden jubilee, is used among other things for the bridge’s railing and for the value indication. The white of the ship places extra emphasis on the focal point in the postage stamp.

In terms of typography, a slim, sans-serif font was chosen that suits the slender appearance of the bridge. The A’s in the country designation CURAÇAO are reminiscent of a bridge.